ashrae winter conference 2014

ASHRAE Winter Conference 2014

New York City’s iconic skyline serves as the perfect backdrop for the 2014 Winter Conference. In one of the world’s top cities for most skyscrapers—nearly 600—it’s only appropriate that the Conference puts a special focus on the design, development and operation of tall buildings. And they say if you can make it in New York…

facilities information system

CLIENT Facilities Information System

CLIENT FACILITIES INFORMATION SYSTEM The CLIENT Facilities Information System is an industry standard open protocol network of control modules specifically designed for maintaining interior climate, lighting, and site lighting with multi-site operations in mind. CLIENT’s web-based user interface provides secure network technology, whether existing on a simple or enterprise network, with the ease and use…

hiring the right hvac contractor

Hiring the Right HVAC Contractor

As a multi-site Facility Manager, hiring the right HVAC contractor can be a daunting task. Today, a trend toward hiring national brokers or total facility solutions is becoming a common practice. While it seems like a simple one stop solution there can be many pitfalls and hidden liabilities to companies who operate in multiple states.…

upcoming ashrae events

Upcoming ASHRAE Events

Environmental Health in Low Energy Buildings — October 15 – 18, 2013, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. | IAQ 2013 is the 17th in the series of ASHRAE IAQ Conferences that started in 1986. IAQ 2013 will be the second time the IAQ conference is held outside of the United States as the conference travels to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.